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I LOVED participating in the Buddy & Me class with my child and being involved in her first school experience. She has grown SO much and I am very confident she is ready to attend school without me next year in the 3's class. The ability to be in the classroom and get to know the school, teachers, children, and parents has been a huge blessing to us. It also gave us such a special time together that we will always remember!


"We have been involved in the preschool for 4 years now. We love that the school is a parent/ teacher co-op. Nothing compares to watching your children grow and learn before your very eyes. It is the perfect size, where everyone seems like family. And the teachers are wonderful! I highly recommend checking out this school for yourself... I am certain you will find it as special as we have."

"There is no other school like The Preschool in Montrose! It's just everything you want from a preschool. And the teachers are just too good!!  This makes you really miss preschool once your child moves on to grade school. Everyone is like family, and the school truly has been a blessing to ours!"

"We found this school while touring other preschools in the area. I can't say enough about the great teachers - and the huge amount of parent involvement in this co-op preschool! You will really get to know all the children in your child's class, and the other parents as well. I feel that my son is very well prepared for kindergarten in the fall - he has all the pre-k skills, but learned in a safe and fun way, without being stressed by an overly academic environment."

"The Preschool in Montrose has been an excellent experience for my children & family. The teachers are wonderful, so loving & caring for each & every child. It is the perfect preschool environment! We LOVE the Preschool in Montrose!!!"

"Both of my kids attended preschool here. Fantastic school with lots of parent involvement. Teachers are great with kids. The kids learn so much, and have a great time doing it. Co-op makes it a great place to meet other parents, and get involved in your childs education from the beginning!"

"Wonderful School! We have only been involved with the preschool for two years but we feel like a part of the family! The teachers are wonderful. We'll be back in 2 years for my second child to attend."

"My daughter has just graduated from the 4's class. We have been here from Buddy & Me through the 4's and I cannot think of enough good things to say about this Preschool. The kids are loved by the teachers and they learn soooooo much!"


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